Tombstone, AZ: Where Cowboys Ruled!

Just 90 minutes from Green Valley

O.K. Corral is where the real action of the wild west went down

Movie Set for more than 50 Films

Tombstone, Arizona isn’t a regular town – it was genuinely part of the wild west and you can be there just 90 minutes from Green Valley. You can experience walking on the old wooden sidewalks, take a stagecoach ride, and enjoy an exciting reenactment of the shootout at the O.K. Corral. Let’s dive into the fun stuff and get a feel of the Wild West!

  • Dusty Streets, Wooden Shops: Allen Street Magic

   Allen Street is like a time warp to the Wild West. Dusty roads, creaky wooden shops – you’re walking in cowboy territory. Don’t miss the Bird Cage Theatre – it has stories to tell!

  • O.K. Corral Showdown: Gunfighting Legends

   O.K. Corral is where the real action went down. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday – these guys had a showdown that put Tombstone on the map. Walk where they walked and feel the Wild West energy.

  • Boot Hill Cemetery: Where Outlaws Rest in Peace

   Boot Hill Cemetery isn’t your typical graveyard. It’s where the wild ones rest. Gunfights, outlaws – every grave has a tale to tell.

  • Saloon Tour: Sip Like a Cowboy

   Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Crystal Palace Saloon – these joints are like time capsules. Grab a drink, kick back, and imagine Wyatt Earp doing the same. It’s a party like the Wild West knew how to throw.

  • Courthouse Stories: Tombstone’s History Lesson

   The Courthouse isn’t just a building; it’s where the Wild West got some order. Check out the cool exhibits about Tombstone’s crazy mining days and famous trials.

  • Stagecoach Rides and Gunfight Shows: Action Unleashed

   Stagecoach rides and gunfight shows are a must. It’s like being in a real-life cowboy movie. Get in on the action and feel the Wild West come alive!

  • Movie Set for more than 50 Films: Original Buildings Give Westerns an Authentic Feel

Explore the streets and spot the backgrounds in these exciting movies.

Dust off your cowboy hat, get those boots on and let’s ride back to the days when cowboys ruled the roost. Tombstone’s waiting for you!


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