Arizona National Scenic Trail

Challenge yourself by hiking on the Arizona National Scenic Trail, with several trailheads near Green Valley, AZ

Stunning Hiking Trail Crosses Arizona from North to South

You probably know about the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail made famous by the book and movie called Wild.

Did you know there’s another trail called the Great Western Trail that goes from the Mexican border to Canada and begins in Arizona? It’s called the Arizona National Scenic Trail here in Arizona and it crosses the most spectacular scenery in the state.

The 800-mile ANST was the dream of Dale Shewalter in the 1970s. It was completed in 2011 after the final passage was completed along the Gila River.

You can walk, bike, or ride a horse on the trail – anything not motorized. Through-hikers need to be mindful of the weather as the sections of the trail in Northern Arizona are very cold in winter and the southern sections are extremely hot in the summer.

Each passage can be hiked on its own, though some trailheads are several miles from the nearest road and parking spot. There are 43 passages and they range in length from 10 to 27 miles long.


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