10 Best Reasons to Retire Here

Live the fulfilling life you have always dreamed of.

You won’t get bored or be lonely here. Someone is doing something fun every day of the year in Green Valley and you are welcome to join in.

Here are the top 10 reasons to move to Green Valley, AZ

  1. 10 Best Reasons to Retire to Green Valley, Arizona
    1. There’s so much to do here
      1. The first of the 10 best reasons to move to Green Valley, Arizona are the incredible amenities in the area. Green Valley Recreation and Quail Creek have outstanding recreation facilities, clubs, social groups, and golf
      2. The nearby area has miles of bike and hiking trails. There are lots of pickleball courts, tennis courts, and golf courses.
      3. Take up a new hobby: woodworking, metal work, art, needle arts, jewelry making, paper crafts, tai chi, yoga, line dancing, ballroom dancing, karate, pickleball, golf, tennis, billiards, bocce ball, singing, piano, Spanish, Italian, ceramics, bird watching, and star gazing.
    2. The weather is great
      1. Yes, it’s hot 🥵 in the summer so that’s a good time for a trip home. Summer also brings exciting monsoon rains. Kaboom!
      2. The mornings are chilly in the winter but it only snows less than an inch once every five years or so. Slipping on ice as a retiree in your home state is a true health hazard, but that’s very unlikely to happen here.
      3. Spend most of the year wearing sandals, shorts, and tee shirts
    3. The scenery is beautiful
      1. Check out the homepage of this website to see the stunning landscapes you’ll see every day in Green Valley, AZ
      2. Arizona has mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers, deserts, and interesting plants and animals.
    4. The airport is close
      1. Tucson International is about 25 minutes away ✈️
      2. Phoenix and Mesa are 2 hours away and there is transport those airports
    5. Your people are here already
      1. There’s a group of folks from every part of the US here, waiting for you to join the fun
      2. There are dozens of clubs to play your favorite game, learn a new one, or have lunch or dinner with new friends
    6. The cost of living is excellent and it’s tax-friendly
      1. Utilities are reasonable
      2. The state is tax-friendly for retirees
      3. There’s a big variety of housing and price points
    7. It’s easy to get around
      1. Goodbye traffic and delays!
      2. The roads are wide and lightly traveled. I-19 is the main artery that connects Green Valley with Tucson, but if you don’t like the interstate, you don’t need to get on it either here in Green Valley or to get to Tucson
    8. The excitement of Tucson is just up the road
      1. Great bars and restaurants
      2. Exciting entertainment – concerts and plays
      3. Zoos, parks, street festivals, shopping, and University of Arizona sports, 
    9. There is no humidity here – it’s like they say, it’s dry and it’s absolutely wonderful
    10. There is so much to see in Arizona and neighboring states of Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and California.
      1. We have the Grand Canyon and 23 other National Monuments and Parks in the state
      2. Sedona is stunning 🌄
      3. Utah’s red rocks parks are amazing
      4. Be at the beach in San Diego in 7 hours
      5. Be at the beach in Rocky Point, MX in 4 hours
      6. Lake Havasu and Las Vegas are a hoot!
      7. Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the US is two hours away


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