Studios are a Big Feature of Green Valley Recreation

Even after you play mahjong, chess, or finish a water aerobics class, there’s always something to do at GVR (Green Valley Rec). The craft studios welcome you with introductory classes, new people to meet, and exciting skills to develop.

Do you like to make jewelry? Step it up by joining the lapidary and silversmith club. Learn how to throw a pot at the clay studio. There are dozens of clubs to join from needle arts to metal working. Meet with other folks from Minnesota or the Pacific Northwest.

Perhaps you’d like to learn or build your skills as a woodworker? Or learn glass art? The camera club and computer club could develop your interest in technology.

Additionally, you can learn to sing, paint or draw. GVR welcomes experts in most any subject to teach as well. Your professional skills can bridge into volunteering here in the local community.

There are so many interests to develop and hobbies to pursue that you will never be bored or lonely here in Green Valley, Arizona!


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